ethishop was founded by Jane Shields and Bed Treadaway, two people who care about where they spend their money and were fed up with the amount of research they had to do every time they wanted to buy something new.

After one too many conversations of “Oooooh, have you seen this shop, they do great x, y or z!”, the idea for ethishop was born.

Because, let’s face it, shopping ethically can be hard, time consuming and a jargon minefield. We have both been trying to live and shop more ethically for over a decade now and we are certainly not perfect at it.

We do believe however that a free online resource to help people find more ethical alternatives and encourage people to think about what brands they give their money to could only be a good and helpful thing.

So what is ethishop?

There are two main parts to ethishop:

AVAILABLE NOW: ethishop local

At the moment, ethishop local is focused on our hometown of Sheffield, as that is what we know, and you have to start somewhere right?! However, we have plans to extend it right out across the country – watch this space! In the meantime, if you want to add a listing local to you, we would encourage you to do so here.

COMING SOON: ethishop online

As much as shopping local and supporting those businesses is great, we are aware that you probably can’t get everything you need on your doorstep and sometimes it’s just not convenient. Therefore, we have created an ever-expanding online directory of websites that offer you a whole range of products and services all ethically sourced and made.

To be kept up to date as we expand and for other ethishop news, sign up to our newsletter here.

We need your help

We only have two brains between us, and although we have a wide knowledge of ethical shops, brands and websites out there, it is far from complete. Chances are you will know something we don’t, maybe you even run a shop or brand and would like to feature it on our site. Anyone can submit a listing to either our local or online directory.