ethishop – Ethical shopping made easy

Sick of the supermarket? Fed up with fast fashion?

ethishop helps you find alternative ways to shop

What is ethishop? ethishop is a directory and guide to ethical shopping, both online and local to you.

Find ethical shopping option in your area. ethishop lists countless greengrocers, cafes and shops close to you to help you find your local ethical community.
Not much in your local area or maybe you just prefer shopping online? ethishop’s online directory is a great way to find new ways to buy ethical goods and services.
We are hoping to build an ethical shopping app in the near future, where you can find what you need straight from your mobile phone.

Why would I ethi-shop? So why bother shopping ethically? Surely supermarkets aren’t that bad? And what’s wrong with palm oil anyway? Why do I care who made my clothes? And what does ethical even mean?! There are many reasons why you would want to shop ethically, read our answers to these questions and more on our blog

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